International Man Of Leisure

IWho is he?  What is he doing?  Anirban Roy is the International Man Of Leisure.  What does that mean?  He is a man who enjoys the finer things in life, and he lives life to the fullest each and every day.  Whether traveling internationally, enjoying a gourmet tasting menu at a top restaurant, or staying at a five star property, AnIMOL2irban Roy knows how to live!  Getting back to the 2nd question posed.  Anirban Roy is enjoying a glass of wine in the business class cabin of American Airlines en route to Barbados for vacation while watching the movie Aquaman.  How about we explore what makes Anirban's life so fascinating and exciting! 

    Anirban enjoys a nice Cuban cigar every now and then along with a glass of his favorite whiskey or bourbon.  Bond drinks vodka martinis shaken not stirred?  What does Roy drink?  Basil Hayden's Bourbon with a splash of soda water and ginger ale and a large ice cube is one of his favorite drinks.  However, he also enjoys Johnnie Walker Blue Label, Eagle Rare, Bulleit, Mitcher's Small Batch, and of course Maker's Mark.  Anirban loves fine dining as well.  In this picture, Anirban is enjoying a Cuban cigar and a drink at the Hyatt Ziva All Inclusive Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica.  Anirban enjoys vacationing in the Caribbean very much.  He has been to Aruba, Jamaica, (isn't that how a Beach Boys' song starts :) ), Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, Dominican Republic, Cozumel, Cancun, Belize, and Barbados in that part of the world.

    He has been to that many places?  That is only the beginning.  Anirban has been to 27 countries at last count plus a few territories such as Hong Kong and Macau.  How does he travel so much?  Anirban worked for an European company as an Executive Therapeutic Business Specialist for almost eleven years.  He got over six weeks of vacation each year!  Yes, that is right!  He got a LOT of vacation so he can travel as much as he desires to.  

I3  Here is another picture of Anirban doing one of his favorite things in life, flying to another fun destination.  He is enjoying his prosecco in Delta's First Class Cabin as his predeparture drink of choice on Delta.  Anirban prefers to fly the premium cabin on his trips!

    Anirban likes to travel in comfort.  Whenever available, he utilizes the executive lounge at the airports.  He has a Priority Pass Select meI4mbership through his luxury credit card so he has unlimited access for himself and two additional guests at so many lounges around the world.  Anirban and his wife, Joy, are enjoying a glass of wine and great service at the Club DFW en route to Lima, Peru here.  He utilizes the airline premium lounges as well including the United Club, Delta Sky Club, or the Admiral's Club through American Airlines as well.  However, Anirban wanted to give a shout out to his lounge attendant at the Club DFW for the exceptional service she provided both Anirban and Joy.  She even prepared the shower suite for both of them so they could take a nice shower before a long flight.  Anirban also enjoys the United Club in Narita for their sushi selection when is traveling to Asia via the main Japanese airport.  I know you want to see more pictures from the lounges, but there is so much more of Anirban's adventures to see.  Fine.  We can share a few more lounge pictures before we continue to other interests.


I5 I I7
              Shower Suite    |    Relaxation Room    |    Made To Order Guacamole


8       I
Sushi Rolls   |   Self Service Bar


Anirban thought the guy next to him was stealing his cookies, but it turns out his fiancee was eating them when he was getting drinks from the bar. :)


95 98 96
The Delta Sky Club in Ft. Lauderdale is small.   |   Anirban enjoying a beverage at The Delta Sky Club in ATL   |   Anirban's mom in the "quiet room."  LOL.

    What's going on down here?  When Anirban travels, he prefers five star properties.  His brother, Angsuman, and he went to Europe in 2012.  They stayed at the Trianon Palace in Versailles, France, which is a Waldorf Astoria Collection Property.  Waldorft Astoria is Hilton's highest brand.  This converted royal palace is right next door to the famous Palace in Versailles.  Anirban has been a Diamond member of Hilton's HHonors Program since 2011 as a result of all of his stays at Hilton properties for business and leisure.  His brother and him are waiting at the luxury hotel for their Mercedes Benz car service to take them to a tour of the Versailles Palace.  Anirban prefers to take luxury car services on international trips rather than public transportation.  LOL.

1       13

1       1
    What about here?  Is this also Europe?  That is a BMW after all.  No, this is Anirban in Peru.  His chauffeur is loading up his luggage as he departs the hotel in Miraflores for Surco, an upscale suburb of Lima.  Anirban looks a little annoyed?  Well, Lima has terrible traffic!  They are stuck in traffic for a long time as he heads from one luxury hotel to a five star property where stayed near the US Embassy.

    Speaking of Surco in Peru, Anirban dined at one of the top restaurants there called Osaka El Polo.  He enjoys fine dining also.  That omakase appetizer plate just looks so delicious with the smoke coming out of the plate.  The fish and seafood was very fresh!


I17       1
    Anirban loves parties!  He loves to host them as well as attend them.  In the pictures above, Anirban and his wife are attending a Beverly Hills wedding at the Four Seasons.  The other picture is a Christmas party hosted at Anirban's house.  A party server is offering champagne to Anirban's guests in the picture.  Anirban likes to hire catering staff whenever possible to work at his parties so he can enjoy the party and his guests.

    Can Anirban fly a plane also?  No, he is not a pilot, but he has flown a Cessna C-172 for a very short time while sitting in the co pilot's seat with his friend who is a pilot.  Anirban loves adventure!  Don't believe us?  How about we look at the pictures below!  Anirban is ziplining across that high and long zip line in Puerto Vallarta as well as climbing a slippery water fall in Jamaica at Dunn's River Falls.  Wow!  Anirban has lots of courage!

1       2

    Anirban loves the warm and clear waters of the Caribbean and Tropical Atlantic!  Let us look at some pictures of Anirban enjoying his many trips down to that area below!

23He is enjoying a rum and Coke off the coast of Punta Cana in the DR here.

He is about to go snorkeling here in the lovely waters off Belize.  24

I25Anirban is going to try sailing off the coast of Montego Bay in Jamaica!  Speaking of Jamaica.....

1       2
    "Where should I serve your breakfast Mr. Roy?," says the room service attendant at the Hyatt Ziva Resort in Montego Bay!  On the balcony, please!

    Half away around the world, another room service attendant is bringing Mr. Roy and his girlfriend their breakfast at the five star Conrad Hotel in Macau!  Mr. Roy was upgraded to a four room suite since he is a HHonors Diamond guest!  Yes, four actual rooms in his suite!  The breakfast was delicious!  Call him Roy, Anirban Roy, License to Defeat Liberals and Socialism!  We will get to his conservative roots later.

1       2

    Let's get back to some adventure!  Anirban did some parasailing in Cancun, Mexico.  Here are pictures of Anirban going up and parasailing high above the Caribbean Sea!  It was a fun experience!  Man this guy sure travels!  We were in Jamaica, and then Macau, and now Mexico! 

22        32

1       32
    Boy does Anirban have it rough on this redeye flight in American's First Class cabin on an Airbus A321.  They only served a small fruit and cheese plate and warmed nuts instead of a full meal, and the flight attendant did no offer a predeparture beverage.  Boo!  He did get his usual drink on American Airlines, Woodford Reserve in the air.  He was going cross country to Charlotte, NC.

Chocolate Plate In Cusco, Peru   |   Chocolate Covered Strawberries & Sparkling Apple Cider in Phoenix, AZ   |   Wine, Spring Water, Fruit, & Treats in Zagreb, Croatia

    Served with our compliments, Mr. Roy!  Ah!  Anirban has it pretty nice!  He is a Diamond HHonors member which makes him a SUPER VIP when he stays at Hilton Properties around the world.  Not only does he get upgraded to the best suites, the management send up bottles of wine and treats for him too!  The above selection is only a few examples of this.  Anirban has enjoyed nice boxes of chocolates in Dublin to French pastries and wine in Paris when staying at the Hilton properties.

1             2
    Anirban loves the winter wonderland resorts also!  He enjoyed the snowshoeing experience in Lake Louise, Canada.  Him and his wife are cross country skiing at the beautiful Sun Valley Resort in Idaho in the second picture above.  They go to Sun Valley every President's Day Weekend to enjoy the peace and quiet of the luxury ski resort!

1    2    3
The World's Most Expensive Coffee In Panama (Geisha Coffee)   |   A Cappuccino in Stockholm, Sweden For a FIKA   |   "Tamuka Mu Zimbabwe" Nespresso from Anirban's Vertuoline Machine @ Home

    Anirban is a big connoisseur of fine coffees as well.  He needs his morning iced Americano crafted by a Starbucks barista or by himself on his Starbucks Verismo machine at home or an iced Nespresso beverage from his Vertuoline machine at home too.  One of favorite coffee comes from Ethiopia, and it is called Yirgacheffe.  He enjoys Jamaican Blue Mountain and Panamian Geisha Coffee as well.  The Geisha coffee that Anirban sampled in Panama City goes for $50 a cup in Tokyo!  In Sweden, Anirban liked the concept of the "FIKA" or afternoon coffee and treats with friends and family.  Anirban took many "FIKAs" while visiting the capital of Sweden!  Anirban has both a Starbucks Verismo machine which makes delicious espresso and a Nespresso Vertuoline machine which makes coffee ranging from 1.45 ounces of espresso to 14 oz large cups.

    Anirban is a huge sports fan also!  He will travel far for his teams also since his teams are all based in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex!  That's right!  He is a Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, Dallas Mavericks, and Dallas Stars fan!  In 2019, Anirban booked a flight on short notice to fly down to Los Angeles to see his Cowboys play the Rams in the NFC Divisional Playoff Game at LA Memorial Coliseum.  Since he is a high roller (well has elite status with his rental car company of choice), they had a nice Camaro ready for him at the airport in Long Beach.  He proudly displayed his Cowboys flag as he was driving through the streets of the greater Los Angeles area that weekend!  He got photobombed by a Rams fan too.

36    1

    Let us get back to some fine dining.  Anirban is a big FOODIE!  He has dined at some of the top restaurants in the world.  Zagat Rated, Michelin Starred, or a James Beard winner, he has enjoyed fine cuisine at many restaurants who have one or more of these prestigious awards in the culinary arena.  Let us share a fine dining experience now.  Anirban ate at Jose Andres' Bazaar Meats in Las Vegas in 2018.  This top five steakhouse in the country features an amazing tasting menu.  The restaurant created a private tasting menu with six courses and two side accompaniments for Anirban's group that evening.

    2    The filet mignon chateau briande was the best meat he ever had.  It was served with papas canarias (or Canary Island style potatoes) and asparagus!  Bazaar Meat in Las Vegas is the best!
The assorted dessert platter was amazing too at Bazaar Meat!  The wrappers on the chocolates are edible!1

1 Anirban is ready to ring in the new decade in Napa at the Black & White Affair Gala in 2019!

    43    41    1
An invitation was left for Anirban at his seat for a VIP event at the game.   |   Anirban tried a free throw after the Mavericks-Kings game.   |   He met Mark Cuban too after the game!

    Anirban is a VIP most places he goes.  Whether he is skipping a long line at a club to get to his private booth or taking part in amazing experiences like throwing a free throw at a NBA game, he gets to really do some cool things!  In the pictures above, Anirban was treated as a VIP at a Dallas Mavericks and Sacramento Kings game.  He was invited to a special VIP event at halftime, tried a free throw on the court after the game, and even met Mark Cuban and got his autograph!  Want more pictures of Anirban's sporting experiences?  Go to the sports section here!

Mark Cuban signed Anirban's hat!

Tennis    Anirban enjoys spending time at his racquet club also.  Besides getting his daily work out there, they have lots of fun social events including a tennis event called drop in and drinks each month.  The club provides beer and wine along with appetizers as members play each other in doubles matches.  They also have parties and other sporting events at this premier club in Sacramento.

46  Anirban loves baseball!  He attends Texas Rangers Spring Training every March in Surprise, Arizona.  Rangers Utility Infielder Adam Rosales is signing a baseball for him at the batting cages in Surprise, AZ.  Sports is a big part of Anirban's life!
    Texas Rangers Starting Catcher Robinson Chirinos is signing a baseball for Anirban here on the field at a visiting ballpark in the Phoenix Area!  47

    1  What is Anirban holding here?  Why it is a nice fat check from Morgan Stanley Smith Barney who handled the exercising of Anirban's stock options at his first pharmaceutical company!  Stock options are nice to have for young professionals!  Enough for work time!  It is time to get back to having fun!

    What is the high roller doing below!  Anirban is just seated in his Polaris private cabin on a Boeing 767 operated by United Airlines.  He can be up right and enjoy his juice or sleep in the lie flat seat at the touch of a button.  Then, Anirban can also watch a movie on that large screen!  All the Polaris seats are arranged in a 1-1-1 configuration on the 767 allowing for direct aisle access!

1  2  3
  Anirban sure gets to travel a lot!  Anirban has been to many of the Wonders of the World also like the ones below!  Want to explore his travel pictures in detail, click here!  The reason Anirban is holding that magazine is because the local magazine for their community in California enjoys following Anirban's travels around the world so they do articles on him.

53    54
Anirban and his wife are exploring Machu Picchu in Peru.   |   Anirban is visiting the Taj Mahal in India here on a rainy day!

Anirban enjoys wine tasting!  He is at Fess Parker's Winery here in the Santa Ynez Valley of Southern California!  1

56    Let us get back in the first class cabin with Anirban and maybe explore one or two nice destinations that he has been.  I will let you check the rest of the travel section of his web site to see them all!  This is Anirban in Delta's First Class cabin once again.  He prefers to fly Delta for domestic flights since their first class service is a little better than the other domestic US airlines.  I think you can see there is a "royal" theme to the pictures below.  They are all current or former palaces or royal residences.  Anirban is actually royalty too.  No kidding?  Anirban's family goes back to the days of "rajas" in India under British Rule.  So, you may address him as His Highness if you want.  Just Kidding.  However, you can find out more about Anirban in the autobiography section here.

Anirban is at the primary royal palace in Sweden.   |   Anirban is at an old palace in Seoul, South Korea.   |   Anirban is at the Edinbourgh Castle in Scotland.

Anirban and his brother are enjoying Jameson at the famous Temple Bar in Dublin, Ireland on New Year's Eve!  92

    More food?  Yes.  Let us explore a tale of amazing lamb dishes two continents apart!  Anirban loves to eat lamb.  Prior to his visit to Cusco in Peru, his favorite lamb dish of all time was the Scottish Lamb dish at Angels with Bagpipes in Edinbourgh.  However, when he had the 24 hour stewed lamb at Calle de Medio in Cusco, he knew they outdid the Scottish lamb!

1    2
Anirban enjoying Scottish Lamb and scotch at Angels with Bagpipes in Scotland.    |   Anirban's 24 hour stewed lamb leg in Cusco, Peru at Calle de Medio was amazing!!

    1    Where are they going in a limo?  Anirban had two bachelor parties since we has a large group of friends throughout the country.  The first bachelor party was in Las Vegas.  The guys are about to go out on a night on the town with VIP access to the club!  Technically, Anirban had two official bachelor parties, but some say the gentlemen's only trip to the Dominican Republic should count also as a bachelor party.  LOL.  He also had a buddy fly in for a fun weekend in Reno since he could not make either of the parties.

A sorbet course to cleanse the pallet is always nice!  I trust you agree with us?
    May I pour a little champagne in your sorbet course, Mr. Roy?  LOL.  Sure, why not!  This was a great dinner Anirban had at a nice steakhouse during his 2nd bachelor party!  Bon appetite!

J  Anirban's luxury SUV ride is ready at the resort in Park City to take him and Joy for their cross country experience. 
Anirban needs his coffee to stay warm before the cross country trek in the beautiful Park City area. 1

80  Let's get out of the cold now and into the warm waters off the coast of Turks & Caicos where Anirban is snorkeling on his Honeymoon!

    Anirban is enjoying a ginger beer on the world's best beach, Grace Bay Beach, in Turks & Caicos.  81

    Anirban loves whiskey and bourbon!  Did we mention that he has a barrel with his name on it maturing at one of the rickhouses in Kentucky?  Anirban is a brand ambassador for Maker's Mark kind of like the "Most Interesting Man" in the world for Dos Equis.  LOL.  During Anirban's first tour of the Maker's Mark Distillery in Loretto, Kentucky, he received his special ambassador's pin, and he even got to dip his bottle of whiskey into the signature red wax!

2       1
Anirban is dipping his special edition bottle of whiskey in the signature red wax.   |   Anirban and his wife are about to start their tour of the distillery.  He has a special Ambassador Pin on.

BH What is his favorite whiskey or bourbon?  Well, Anirban has tasted some very pricey whiskey, but although he enjoyed a Pappy 12, his favorite so far is the Whistle Pig Boss Hog VII Magellan's Atlantic!  This bourbon is aged for 17 years in American Oak before having Spanish staves touch it.  As it crosses the Atlantic, it is finished in South American teak!  How much?  This bottle goes for around $500.  Mr. Roy paid $85 for this drink at a wine bar in Roseville, CA called House of Oliver.  Salud!
Anirban is relaxing here on the outdoor beds at the British Colonial Hilton Resort in Nassau, Bahamas!

It is nice to come back to one's room at a luxury resort and have a personal note from the housekeeper.  This one is from the JW Marriott Texas Hill Country Resort in San Antonio, Texas.

Anirban and his brother are enjoying drinks at a Hooter's in Costa Rica here with the beautiful seniorita!  87

82  Anirban is enjoying a date night with his then fiancee and now wife, Joy, at Paragary's Midtown Bistro.

IMOL88    Even when at business meetings, Anirban likes to have fun and chill too.  At this meeting in Las Vegas, Anirban's company rented out the whole Hakkasan Club at MGM for the meeting.

Anirban is heading out to meetings here at the Grand Canal Shoppes in Las Vegas during another meeting.  89

90  Anirban's company rented out the popular Omnia Club at Caesar's during another meeting in Las Vegas!  Anirban enjoyed himself that evening too!

Anirban is ready to head out for some golf now!  Anirban is not a great golfer, but he enjoys his tee times!  I

FlaskLet's go back to Vegas!  Mr. Roy, you may keep this custom flask that we served your "meat packer" Manhattan in at Catch, compliments of Executive Chef Andrew, who arranged a special table for Mr. Roy and his friends.  Cheers!  Him and his friends spent $1,200 that night at Catch!

    Anirban and his wife love to travel!  In this series of pictures, they are in the first class cabin of an United 737.  After being offered his cranberry mimosa, Anirban enjoyed his pre-ordered breakfast that he selected a few days before his flight.  Then, Anirban was able to watch live DirecTV.  Man, the rich have it so good in this country!

1    2    3

When Anirban returns from his many trips, he prefers a private car service to wait for him at Sacramento International Airport.  His usual service sends a Lincoln MKT for him!  Baller!

    Let's get back to some luxury living!  Anirban enjoys staying at the Waldorf Astoria collection of hotels around the world.  Anirban stayed at the Waldorf Astoria in Panama City, Panama in 2017.  The turndown service was very typical of the luxury brand as they had delicious macaroons in the room with a thank you note for Mr. Roy.  Mr. Roy enjoyed the rooftop pool area as well.

83  84
The macaroons with the turndown service at the Waldorf Astoria Panama were delicious! | Anirban is about to enjoy the pool too.

91    Mr. Roy, we have either a Cadillac or Mustang Convertible here in San Antonio for you.  Which would you like?  Let's go with the Caddy!

Anirban and his dad are eating at the famous Bukhara in New Delhi, India at the five star ITC Maurya Hotel.

    This famous restaurant called Bukhara in New Delhi, India is one of the top restaurants in the world.  Many US Presidents have dined here also, and the executive chef was featured on Andrew Zimmern's show, Bizarre Foods.  Anirban was given a private tour of the kitchen as well by the executive chef while his dad, Dr. Ajit K. Roy, and him dined at this epicurean delight in the heart of India's capital city.  President Trump ate at this restaurant too in 2020!

94    Where is His Majesty, Anirban, "chilling" here?  He is enjoying a beverage in a glass made of ice at the Ice Bar in Stockholm, Sweden!

Perk up Anirban!  You are enjoying Lundi Gras Brunch at the world famous "Commander's Palace" in New Orleans during Mardi Gras week!
    Let us stay with the royal theme here!  King Anirban loves to try the best fine dining on all his adventures as we have established.  In 2012, Anirban and his buddy went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras.  They had brunch at the Commander's Palace, which is a famous New Orleans restaurant.  There was even a jazz trio strolling around the venue.
114  Let us travel to Polynesian now!  Anirban is driving a Chevy Camaro Convertible around Honolulu here. 

After a fun drive, a soak in the hot tub at the Hilton Hawaiian Village is always nice!

69  When Anirban and Joy were having dinner with Joy's parents one night, the manager of the restaurant came out to personally greet Anirban and present him with this wine tote with two wine glasses and a bottle of their signature red wine because Anirban had spent so much money there for business events.  They even gave him the owner of the restaurant groups phone number in case, he never needed anything from them.  Anirban is used to being a VIP whereever he goes!

Anirban is an "All Pro!"  He is opening his signing bonus check after becoming "signing" with a biotech leader in 2021!S

Anirban settling into his first class seat on a Delta Connection Embraer 175 regional jet.  The first class seats are a little smaller than the larger planes on the Embraer jets.
    Let's get back in the first class cabin on another flight with Anirban.  This time he is coming back from a business trip to San Antonio, Texas.  Why don't we explore in detail what a first class experience is for him with his favorite domestic carrier, Delta.  Click on the picture above to see the details.

1  Was Anirban always a big baller?  Well sort of!  Even back in college, he was an elected Republican County Official in California.  At this fundraiser, Anirban is seen with the son of Florida Governor Jeb Bush, George P. Bush, who serves as an elected official in Texas currently.  Anirban's beautiful date, Christina, is also in this photo.  Anirban was involved in politics in his younger days, and he held very high level positions.  You can check out his political section by clicking this.

Anirban was President of his fraternity.  He is enjoying an exchange with the sisters of Sigma Alpha at the fraternity house.  I97

Star Anirban was kind of a TV Star as well growing up!  Well, OK, he was featured on Mr. Roger's Neighborhood Segment #1611 (Season 20, Episode 1) in 1989.  This is an excerpt from IMDb listing all the episodes of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.  Anirban is the cute kid in the light blue shirt.  For more information on Anirban's TV Career, go to this link.

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