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Anirban Roy as himself on Mr. Roger's Neighborhood Segment #1611 (Season 20, Episode 1)

    As the saying goes, that everyone will have their fifteen seconds of fame, I got my well probably more like four to five minutes of fame as a child prodigy on the guitar who made an appearance on Mr. Roger's Neighborhood in 1989.  Invited to join the cast for that episode by my guitar teacher and selected as one of the three "guitar students" for that episode by Joe Negri from "Negri's Music Shop" in the "neighborhood," I performed typical Mr. Roger's Neighborhood songs for Mr. Rogers himself.  I was eleven years old when I was on this TV show.

    I know you must be pretty amazed with my life so far by reading the "International Man of Leisure" section as well as my autobiography, but I am also a TV personality!  You want my autograph?  Please email the webmaster below.

    I have recognized and received both an IMDb and credit for my performance on this episode.  Links to both are found below by clicking the pictures.

Star1    Star02 Credit   |   IMDb Credit
    Also, one can purchase the episode I was on through for playback on Amazon Prime Video.

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