My Childhood & Teenage Years


CT1          C2          C3            C4
(LEFT TO RIGHT)  Baby Picture; Early Years Picture (circa 5 years); Halloween Picture; Niagara Falls, Canada

C5          C6          C7
(LEFT TO RIGHT)  Guitar Recital; Appearance on Mr. Roger's Neighborhood; Birthday Party

C8          C9          C10
(LEFT TO RIGHT) Whiz Kids Captain (8th Grade); 9th Grade Play Performance; 9th Grade Graduation

H          C
(LEFT TO RIGHT) National Honor Society Induction Ceremony; FBLA State Leadership Conference In Reno, Nevada

K          C12          C13
(LEFT TO RIGHT) New Year's Eve Show In Las Vegas; @ Caesar's Palace-Las Vegas; Farewell Dinner with Vegas Friends @ Planet Hollywood

C14            C15            C16            C17
(LEFT TO RIGHT) Brother & Me @ Yosemite (1995); Senior Portrait; Senior Ball (Prom) Photo; Grad Nite 96 @ Disneyland

    There are so many pictures I could put up from my early years, but unfortunately they are not in a digital format since we had film cameras when I was growing up.  LOL.  As a result, I have had to scan in these images and edit them in Photoshop before posting them.  I had a really good childhood.  We lived in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, New Hampshire, Nevada, and California so I got to experience different accents, places, customs, and even foods throughout this great nation of ours.  I attended private school for most of my primary education.  My parents loved to travel also so we took lots of family vacations together.  I was also an only child for most of my childhood so I was pretty spoiled.

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