Welcome to yet another shameless personal self-promotional web site on the world wide web!  With today's ease of creating a web site coupled together with companies like godaddy.com that can create and host your site for a very small fee, these types of web sites have been springing up everywhere.  Well, you should rest assured that www.anirbanroy.org is more than just one of these sites.  Since 1996, I have created and maintained my web site, not only for the occasional self-promotional message, but as a medium where people can share conservative political discourse along with an award winning Dallas Cowboys Fan Site.  With all the other conservative sites out there today, I no longer have the "Conservative Edge" portion of this web site active, but I do have some pictures of my days in politics during college including pictures with famous politicians.AR Travel

    Who exactly is Anirban Roy?  If you ever watched Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, I am the 11 year old boy who was featured on a music shop segment back in 1989 teaching the young audience at home how to play the "c" chord on the guitar.  Or, I am the former "straight A" student in high school who was president of almost every club I was part of in high school as well as decent actor in two theaterical productions.  I am also the one who founded my fraternity back at UC Davis in 1996 and was chairman of three political organizations on campus.  Moreover, I am the one who brought in the largest deal for my first company out of college and went on to lead the VOIP team at that company.  Actually, that is only one of many accolades I have in my professional life.  I worked for prestigious
organizations like the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Burson Marsteller Public Relations, Merck Pharmaceuticals, and the largest privately held pharmaceutical company Boehringer-Ingelheim.  I was even elected to a county position in 1998 as a Republican.  I am also a world traveller having been to Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, Central America, and South America.  Moreover, I have been to 45 of our beautiful states.

    What about this "International Man of Leisure" Title?  Is that an official title for Anirban Roy?  Although I have held many prestigious titles in various organizations, this is not one of my official titles.  However, what I mean by that title is that I love to live life to the fullest every day, and I enjoy my leisure time as well.  Whether I am enjoying a nice Japanese whisky and a Cuban cigar or flying first class to an exotic destination, I think I lead a very fun and exotic lifestyle.  Do not believe me?  Well, check out the International Man of Leisure section first, and then explore the rest of my website including the Latest Pictures.  You will see pictures of my travels all over the world and the five star properties I stay at as well as my experiences in the premium cabins of aircraft.

    Today, I am a very content young professional working for a Biotech leader as a Medical Specialist.  Since 2005, I have found my calling in the world of pharmaceutical sales and worked for two great pharmaceutical companies and now a biotechnology leader.  I live in Sacramento, CA and am a huge sports fan.  My loyalties in sports are to the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, Texas Rangers, a
nd the Dallas Stars.  You might wonder why a CA resident supports Texas teams!  Well, I grew up in Plano, TX as a youngster, and I love the great state of Texas.    Actually, I grew up all over this great country of ours.  I lived in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, New Hampshire, Nevada, and California!  Thus, I have a large network of friends from all over the US.  I am very active, enjoy playing tennis, and love water sports as well.  I have enjoyed playing on a COED softball team as well and all the social activities we had at our racquetclub prior to them closing as a result of the global pandemic in 2020.

Life is a precious gift, and every day on this earth should not be taken for granted.  Whether it is fine dining, enjoying a good wine one must savor the finer things in life.  I am a big whiskey and bourbon lover, and I am an "ambassador" for Maker's Mark too since I have a barrel with my name on it maturing in one of their rickhouses back in Kentucky.  Some of my favorite other bourbons including Pappy 12, Woodford Double Oak, Whistle Pig Boss Hog, and Jefferson Ocean.  I am also a big fan of Japanese whisky.  

    Like I said earlier, traveling is a big passion of mine. 
My wife and I travel a lot, and we enjoy fine dining as we explore new places.  Some of my restaurants include Momofuku and Bazaar Meat in Las Vegas, Barbacoa in Boise, Sumomaya in Scottsdale, Jaleo by Jose Andres and Ravello Four Seasons in Orlando, Angels with Bagpipes in Edinbourgh, and Jimmy Kelly's in Nashville.  Although that is only a partial list of the fine dining establishments I have been to.

    So, enjoy all the up to the minute Cowboys stats, roster updates, and cheerleaders page along with all the information you could ever care to know about Anirban Roy.

    If you like what you see or would like to drop me a line, feel free to at anirban@anirbanroy.org.